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For a home that’s tailored to your desires and always connected to a changing world. As humans, our souls are nourished by shared experiences and stories. Each one of us is different, and yet we are all the same. In Natuzzi Editions, home you will always be made to feel at ease. Natuzzi Editions is a multicultural, cosmopolitan and dynamic brand. The products reflect the human being in all its “editions”, and continually feeds on the world, its ferments and its emotions. Only in this way, they can find place in all the homes, in different ways.


Macao is called the "Eastern Las Vegas", because the game, along with tourism, drives the economy of the place, visited every year by millions of people from all over the world. It’s precisely at the largest casino in the world - the Grand Lisboa, one of the most famous and iconic buildings of the city - that its namesake sofa is inspired, starting from the design of the armrests, so slender and extroverted.

New York

New York is a modular sofa with clean and rigorous lines, geometric shapes, and volumes. A mix of contemporary design and comfort, in the best Natuzzi tradition, finds its perfect synthesis in the large, soft back cushions that interrupt the pure geometry of the armrest.


Lake is a collection that draws inspiration from the soft curves of a lake, a quiet space where you can simply let yourself go and recharge. The sofa has an uncontaminated, essential design with elegant lines and organic shapes. Each linear or angular element is also finished on the sides to be used both individually or combined with other elements through hidden hooks. This allows you to create always new and original compositions.


Leggiadro has an unmistakable design characterized by a light, distinctive look: the armrest has an original wing shape and is finished by a border around the edge. The dual power mechanism lets you adjust separately the headrest and footrest through a button placed on the inside of the armrest to customize your relaxation.


With a comfortable and inviting design, you know at first glance that this piece of furniture will be warm and welcoming. The detail visible from the side of the model makes the fantastic styling and tailoring evident. It also has a unique, chromed metal leg that contribute to giving an elegant and light look to the project.


Portento features soft padding for unequalled comfort which is matched by its incredible beauty for an extraordinary visual impact. The luxurious style of the seating areas makes this model perfect for the living area of the homeowner who demands a tailor-made comfort also guaranteed by the Human-Centred Design certification.


Kartun is a series of geometric pieces with balanced forms and carefully calibrated proportions, opening up a wide range of configuration options. The result is a sofa where you can chat, read or relax, with large seat pads that ensure the highest levels of comfort.


Wessex combines a linear, lightweight design with large seat pads that deliver optimum comfort. The wide armrests, which have a square design and rounded corners, are an explicit invitation to dedicate every square inch of the sofa to relax.


Versatile is an extremely modular and customisable seat system: with or without the relaxation function, linear or angular, on its own or combined with other modules. The end part of the sofa that can be completed by choosing the armrest or, alternatively, a side panel, even with a different covering to the seats, easily adapting to any space and style.


It’s sleek, it’s bold, and it’s as Natuzzi Editions as it could be. Adrenalina is a masterpiece of softness combined with solid design, featuring a mix of round edges and statement stitches.It’s an unapologetically innovative sofa, for the unapologetically cool.


Meraviglia stands at the very top of Natuzzi’s research on movement. It’s a sofa that’s got it all under control: the headrests are adjustable manually, and the seating and backrest can be adjusted through a very advanced soft-touch Motion technology. And, of course, it’s a stylish piece of furniture designed with Italian taste.

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