Flexform is a family affair. Now in its third generation, Flexform was founded in the Brianza furniture manufacturing district in Northern Italy. The unique global phenomenon of Italian furniture design originated right here in the 1960s. A place where the history of many small artisan workshops that have fashioned wood, metal and upholstery since the early 1900s, intersects with that of the great masters of Italian design, trained at the School of Architecture in nearby Milan. Flexform’s roots are deeply embedded in this historical setting. In 1959, the Galimberti brothers opened an artisan workshop called “Flexform di Galimberti.” It was soon followed by their first showroom where the sofas and armchairs on display found their way, in the postwar era, into elegant buildings in Milan, villas overlooking Lake Como, and even the foyer of the La Scala opera house.


The Adda sofa features a clean, contemporary style. Its lightweight structure and generously filled goose-down cushions feature piping that highlights their soft, welcoming shapes. The Adda sofa rests on a metal base covered in leather or fabric, while the exposed cast-aluminum feet reveal their graceful, yet absolutely modern, vibe. The comfortably soft armrest and backrest cushions slip over the base using a simple and effective bayonet coupling system. 


An undeniable best-seller from the Flexform collection, Groundpiece has transformed the very concept of the sofa, introducing several innovations. First of all, it is a deconstructed line with new proportions – the Groundpiece sofa is low and deep, designed as a more relaxed and casual approach to seating. Groundpiece embodies the quintessence of Flexform comfort and is exceptionally inviting, thanks to the amply-sized goose-down cushions. 

Soft Dream

Challenge oneself with the quest to design a sofa that encourages dreaming. A challenge met with determination that led to the concept of the Soft Dream sofa, one whose name proclaims its features. Versatile, flexible, chameleon-like – this is the personality of the Soft Dream seating system. Lightweight, the sofa rises above the floor on elegant cast-metal feet, available in an array of elegant finishes.


Composed of soft upholstered pieces that can be combined among themselves, the Perry seating system heralds a new way of designing living spaces with innovative arrangements, using modules whose irregular shape makes it possible to break up the linearity of furniture configurations lending them a more dynamic flow and more casual appearance.


Light and airy, the Wing sofa’s architectural construction is made up of geometric shapes that are nonetheless soft and free of sharp corners. The elegant cast-metal base is set back almost out of sight, giving the sofa the impression of floating on air. The soft goose-down-filled seat cushions with core insert in crushproof material rest on the cowhide-clad structure while the seat back is formed by a soft, low and deep rectangular cushion, attached to the structure by slender cast-aluminum supports.

New Bridge

Balanced proportions combined with soft contours and generous padding make the Newbridge sofa warm and inviting. Bases, seats, seat backs and armrests all have the same thickness and feature extra-soft padding in an innovative, high-performance elastic material, making it crushproof, supple and uncommonly soft. These features ensure superior performance in terms of comfort, durability and breathability. The seat cushions also come with optional goose down filling. 


Forty years after the launch of the Max sofa, Antonio Citterio returns to one of his best-loved and most emblematic Flexform designs. While leaving some of its distinctive traits untouched, he revisits it with a more contemporary eye and expands its possibilities of use. The new model carries the name Supermax and, compared to the Max sofa of 1983, has more generous proportions.


This sectional or stand-alone sofa expresses a light, straightforward aesthetic complemented by generous, inviting proportions. The amply-sized rectangular armrest provides visual impact while its height, perfectly aligned with that of the seat back, conveys stylish elegance of form. The sleek, minimal metal base comes in an array of sophisticated finishes. The Lifesteel sofa is distinguished by an elegant cowhide-upholstered frame that welcomes the goose-down seat cushions with core insert in crushproof material. 

Gregory Sofa

The Gregory seating system further expands its modular options through a series of new pieces, distinguished by their impressive size, that can be assembled into generously proportioned arrangements designed to offer a superior level of comfort and are sure to play a starring role in the living room.
The Gregory sofa’s personality is evident in the austerity of the unique metal base that is softened by the warmth of the elegant cowhide finish on the exposed parts of the elastic webbing that supports the seat cushions.


The elegantly tapered legs of the Pico dining table lend it fluid dynamism and a clear sense of visual lightness. Made of cast aluminum, the legs come in a number of stylish finishes, while the no-sharp-edges top can be made from various types of marble; or made of wood veneered stained in a variety of finishes. The Pico dining table and coffee tables come in an array of sizes and offer great versatility and a high degree of personalization, thanks to the countless combinations of structure and top finishes that can be achieved.


The Spello table – two sculptural bases in painted metal – spells unmistakable personality. The source of inspiration is brutalism, an architectural and artistic movement known for its rugged, raw shapes and robust structures. Contrasting the severity of the support base is the poetic texture of the solid wood top, played up by the design of the boards that echo the noble tradition of inlay work and by a subtle opening that runs the length of the top. Available only in rectangular version, the Spello table comes in veneer, in an array of elegant tones. It is also available in a version with an array of marble top choices.


An extensive family of extremely versatile tables, coffee tables, side tables and cabinets, Fly is a genuine expression of the kind of “good design” upon which the entire Flexform collection is built. Purity of design, along with true practicality and the variety of finishes and sizes available, imbue the Fly table with amazing versatility. The table’s metal base comes in an array of finishes, while the top – available in round, oval or rectangular shape, and in a number of sizes – comes in wood veneer, stained in an array of shades, or in marble. An extendable version of the rectangular table is also available.


Kobo is a table whose bones reflect the traits of many cultures. Its evident simplicity and strength call to mind furniture-making traditions common to several African nations. The design concept traces back to the layering of an impressively thick top over turned legs with an equally impressive diameter. The expressive texture and feel of the wood and its exquisite artisan craftsmanship imbue the design with extraordinary body and substance.


The Gipsy collection of tables, coffee tables and consoles features clean, timeless lines. The elegant base of the Gipsy table is made of solid wood, available in a number of stain finishes. The sophisticated workmanship of the square legs that join the support base in a lively interplay of geometries heightens the poetic texture and feel of the wood, creating a delightful contrast with the top, which comes in versions with glossy lacquer finish or back-painted glass, in a sophisticated palette of colors. 


A table fit for royalty, enhanced by a sophisticated design and choice of luxurious materials. The metal base, available in an array of different finishings, is a series of stacked rings, separated by vertical bars, creating the effect of a crown. Resting on the light, ethereal base is an exquisite natural ash table top – in a range of stain finishes – embellished with marble inserts. 


A light, contemporary spirit defines the extensive collection of Zefiro dining tables. Extremely versatile, thanks to the wide range of sizes and materials in which it can be crafted, the Zefiro table can confidently and stylishly furnish any setting and meet the most diverse needs. Available in an array of elegant finishes, the tapered cast-aluminum legs lend an air of lightness and dynamism to the Zefiro tables. 

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