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Why Do You Need a Recliner Sofa or Relaxing Chair for Your Home?

Ambient Living Volden Chaiselong Leather recliner sofa

Recliner sofas and chairs have redefined comfort in the home since the first recliner chair design was commercially introduced in the late 1920s. Today, it is one of the most essential furniture pieces and probably even the most used and preferred furniture to have in any living space. If you have been contemplating whether to add a recliner chair or sofa to your home, here are just a few reasons to convince you to do so.

Experience Ultimate Comfort And Support With A Relaxing Sofa Chair

Ambient Living Moro Copparo recliner chair

One of the most significant reasons to have a recliner chair or sofa in your home is obviously the luxurious comfort that it provides. Designed for the ultimate relaxation experience, a recliner chair and sofa come with reclining and adjustable features, which can provide certain physical benefits. Recliner chairs and sofas are designed in a way that helps to support your posture while allowing you to stretch out and relax your muscles. Especially for pregnant women and the elderly, recliner chairs are definitely ideal to have at home to provide extra comfort and alleviate the body aches and pains of loved ones. This includes back pains, swollen feet and heartburn, just to name a few.

Different Recliner Chairs and Sofas Come with Varied Features to Meet Your Needs

Ambient Living Stilo relaxing chair

There is a wide selection of recliner chairs and sofas in the market from various brands with varied price ranges, styles and features. You can find one to meet your needs, whether a recliner chair for your elderly parents or a recliner sofa for your whole family. These are comforts that everyone will enjoy.   

Today, you can find recliner chairs and sofas that come with a manual handle function and even an electric one with a motion-touch panel. Flexlux, which is a leading luxury furniture brand for modern recliner chairs and sofas, offers products with both these features to meet your needs. Their recliner chairs are essentially known for their innovative, dynamic back adjustments as well as adjustable neck rest and headrest to provide the perfect reading or relaxing position. Their recliner chairs are also available in various colours, fabrics, and materials and are fully upholstered. 

Modern Single Recliner Sofa or Chair Blends Perfectly into Any Living Space

Ambient Living Volden Savoy Black recliner chair

Whilst you can revel in the comforts of a recliner chair alone after a long day, a recliner sofa, on the other hand, is something the whole family can enjoy together during movie nights or quiet family time. This makes a recliner chair and sofa an ideal piece of furniture to have in your home. Because modern recliner chairs and sofas today come in an array of styles and sizes, they are versatile enough to blend perfectly into any living space, whether it is the living room, lounge area or even bedroom. Choosing the right piece does not just add comfort but can also enhance your home with a modern and luxurious touch. However, though a single-seat recliner chair is ideal for any space, a 2-seater or 3-seater recliner sofa would be perfect for larger spaces as they are known to be bulkier in size and shape.

Buy the Best Recliner Chair Set Near You in Malaysia

Ambient Living Clement integrated Savoy relaxing chair

Are you ready to add sophistication to your living space with a modern recliner chair or enhance its comfort with a recliner sofa for the entire family to indulge in? Ambient Living offers an elegant collection of some of the best recliners and relaxing chairs in Malaysia from the premier designer furniture brand Flexlux

Flexlux recliner chairs and other furniture are crafted for the contemporary consumer and merge Italian aesthetics, Scandinavian innovation and Danish design to bring unmatched comfort, quality and appeal to your home. Whether you are seeking a chic leather recliner chair, a manual relaxing chair or a more sophisticated motion-touch electric recliner chair, Flexlux has the perfect one for you. 

Not sure which recliner chair will fit perfectly into your living space? Ambient Living also offers space planning consultation that helps determine the right furniture pieces for your home.

Visit any of our 3 showrooms in 48, Jalan Kemajuan, PJ, Bangsar and The Gardens Mall today to be inspired and discover the best recliner sofa or chair in Malaysia for your home. 

For further details and inquiries, feel free to contact us today.

Posted on: December 15, 2022
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