Natuzzi Italia are devoted to harmony. A gentle word that holds a powerful heart, beating with new life. We are moving energetically in the name of beauty, joie de vivre, respect for others and the environment around us.


Skyline is Marcel Wanders studio’ tribute to a charismatic cosmopolitan globetrotter who comes back to Apulia, bringing with him a wealth of experience and inspiration. The classical overtones and the pleasant roundness of the Chesterfield give way to sharp New-York style architecture.


The Herman sofa is a harmonious and highly modular seating system that can be combined in various configurations adding dynamism and originality to the living area. Reminiscent of a fish tail, the external metal support that embraces and clasps the backrest and seat is a standout feature on this piece.


Melpot is a symbol of modularity taken to its logical conclusion, making it the star of living space. All the individual elements are interchangeable and can be repositioned as desired, or used singly. This modular sofa is perfect for those who want to customize their comfort and their living.


A perfect combination of modularity, fine craftsmanship and curated design, Kendo’s refined personality is further enhanced by exquisite detailing, like the solid-wood base embellished with a sleek metal insert. A distinguishing feature that takes on the guise of an oriental mark.


With their vivid and unique ecosystem, the Bauxite caves are one of the great natural spectacles of Apulia and a source of inspiration for a sofa which boasts an extremely visually striking system of modular sectional seats. A system which hinges on the constant aesthetic and functional transformations of its various parts.