Inspired from the Italian designs of furniture across the world, Ambient Living has research and developed collections of refined and elegant taste of furniture for living. dining and bedding. We value quality and design of our product at utmost priority giving our client satisfaction of an excellent furniture


Over the years, Rome has become an icon, the perfect protagonist of living areas with both traditional and more modern interior, thanks to its modular fl exibility and wide range of upholstery. A system attentive to aesthetic and function evolutions in contemporary lifestyles.


Lucca is an evolution of the seating system. Traditional yet contemporary it is made up of in-line sofas, modular elements and ottomans, ensuring a wide range of configurations. Comfortable back cushions with a headrest and additional cushions in various sizes make the seating relaxing and suitable for conversation, but always comfortable.


Legare has a very unique characteristic with innovating living space design by displaying into a variety of elements, with different features, elegant proportions and unrivaled comfort. Legare embodies this dual identity which makes it versatile for different occasion and kind of different criteria enveloping lines.


Lawrence comes in two versions, with either a high or low armrest. Each one correlates to a different design aesthetic. The high armrest is thinner than the low one which, in addition to being more substantial, is the perfect place to rest the cushion in order to lie comfortably on the sofa.


A minimalistic design, a graphic and modern image with a strong architectural component. Mondrianne is a system designed to offer maximum compositional freedom. The characteristic thin metal feet support a linear structure that seems suspended. Two seat depths available and armrests in four sizes, to be enriched with accesories.


Colline was conceived of the idea to create a seating system that maintains a distinctly formal precision while surrendering to the desire for curved lines in an elegant succession of soft The system comprises linear and curved seating elements with a onepiece seat cushion matched with foam seat backs in two heights that form threedimensional curves


A challenge met with determination that led to the concept of the Sognare sofa, one whose name proclaims its features. Versatile, flexible, chameleon-like – this is the personality of the Sognare seating system. Lightweight, the sofa rises above the floor on elegant cast-metal grey or bronze painted feet.


The Cubed is simple and compact. The fold out mechanism makes it easy to transform from sofa to bed. Unfolded, it keeps a practical bedding box under the seat providing room to store beddings or blankets. Simply, place the Cubed in any room where you need a beautiful sofa that can double as a spare bed.


A contamination of styles, a mix of trends, perfect symmetry between oblique and orthogonal lines, sharp and rounded corners: Tropea’s design transforms a series of geometric volumes into a soft monocoque sofa.


Jolly features a clean, contemporary style. Its lightweight structure and generously-filled goose-down cushions feature piping that highlights their soft, welcoming shapes. The Adda sofa sits on a metal base covered in leather or fabric, while the exposed castaluminum feet reveal their graceful, yet absolutely modern, vibe.


Bologna transforms the concept of comfort by multiplying the solutions and compositions possible thanks to the different seating elements. The element that makes the difference in the Bologna is the cushion intelligent: the backrest and armrest cushions can in fact be shaped as desired with a simple movement of the hand, becoming enveloping and extremely practical.


Modern Chesterfield with dual upholstery finishing. Soft tufting creates elegant yet subtle effect of classic design. The difference between Fabriano and any other Chesterfield sofa collections, is the blend between of fabric and leather. The form of Fabriano is sleek and straight cut making it a perfect sofa for gentlemen.


Surprising and metaphorical, Melfi is the sofa that captivates. It defines with a cultured language the contemporary tendencies of dynamic relaxation. Sophisticated interpreter of an aesthetic ideal of originality and beauty, thanks to the special mechanism in the backrest that allows the cushions to accompany the body in its movements.


Padova modular system starts with an ottoman as the basic piece, which is then accompanied by central, corner and terminal elements with a low or high armrest. The elements are used to invent traditional sofas, sofas with chaise longue, corner sofas and island elements that provide a 360° seating solution.


Luxurious design with exceptional comfort with subtle of modernization furniture. With the elegant stitching across the body of the sofa shows the sophistication of art can be made into reality. Messina is embodied with gold stainless steel frame creates the unparalleled richness of affluent lifestyle.


Being soft and elegant at the same time makes Winni the perfect couch for those who prefers simplicity with touch of luxury. The design of the cushions creates a stunning illusion of waterfall. With the sofa made lower to the ground gives Winni a looks of grandeur and perfect compliment to any accessories.


Verona, astounding design element by embracing the wings of butterfly. The curvature of the sofa which distinguish it from any other sofa created as it is sleek yet elegant. The upholstery is made to compliment the design of the sofa using special graded stitching fabric to induce the element of cloud seating