To make a positive difference we must all consume a little less. It means choosing products that will stand the wear and tear of everyday use, and with an aesthetic character that will stay attractive over time. We constantly work to develop products that will honor the above requirements in such a way that recycled and reusable materials are considered and integrated when possible. We believe that form and function must go hand in hand to create innovative, durable designs for everyday use.

Long Horn

The Long Horn sofa meets demands posed by compact living as it features wheel castors in the back, effectively enabling users to adapt interior settings as well as the three backrest settings ensure that you can sit, lounge and sleep comfortably. Grand comfort and modularity in one sofa.


The Ghia daybed is as generous as it is outstanding. Ghia’s strong metal frame provides a long-lasting daybed that combines longevity with high comfort delivered by a pocket spring base with two matching square cushions that give a lovely sitting, napping and sleeping comfort.


The Cubed is simple and compact. The fold out mechanism makes it easy to transform from sofa to bed. Unfolded, it keeps a practical bedding box under the seat providing room to store beddings or blankets. Simply, place the Cubed in any room where you need a beautiful sofa that can double as a spare bed.


The Osvald design is softly rounded and minimalistic. A design in which both simplicity, high comfort and storage has been the primary goal. Storage is a main part of the challenge of living in a few square meters, and Osvald is equipped with a large bedding box, designed to help solve exactly this challenge.


A comfortable family lounger that converts to bed at night featuring soft, functional cushion arms and large comfortable back cushions. Without compromising form and function, Malloy is the perfect lounge spot for friends and family. The soft, flexible upholstered arm and back cushion design provide an exceptional comfort.


Siblings Oliver & Lukas WeissKrogh have created a sofa that respects personalized needs and preferences of its users in relation to comfort. For this reason, the Vogan is made with a split seat which accommodates different preferences for seating depth. The designers have given Vogan an unrelenting and elegantly rounded shape.


Meraviglia stands at the very top of Natuzzi’s research on movement. It’s a sofa that’s got it all under control: the headrests are adjustable manually, and the seating and backrest can be adjusted through a very advanced soft-touch Motion technology. And, of course, it’s a stylish piece of furniture designed with Italian taste.