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Choosing the Perfect Dining Table Set in Malaysia for Your Dining Room

Ambient Living dining table set

Some of the best memories are made while gathering around the dinner table together with family and friends, which is why the dining table is such an essential aspect of a home for generations. Not only is it an important piece of furniture for its functionality and use, but a dining table is also where laughter is shared, conversations are made, and ideas are sparked. 

If you have plans to redecorate your dining room area or are moving into a new house, it is essential to consider getting yourself the right dining table set for your home. So, here are a few things to know to find the perfect dining table for your dining room. 

Select the Space-Saving Dining Table that Fits Your Dining Room Perfectly

Before you select a dining table set for your dining room or living space, it is crucial to know the size of the room beforehand. Ideally, you will want to have at least three feet of breathing area around your entire dining table set so that movement is free-flowing and not obstructed. Though tedious of a job it is, measuring the room where you are going to place a dining table, as well as measuring your dining table set options, is an important task in creating a more conducive space for enjoying your dining experience.  

Here is a quick and easy tip you can do to measure how much physical space a dining table set will occupy. Just cut out a piece of fabric that is the same measurement and size as the space you are planning to place the dining table set. It is recommended that there is 70cm to 90cm of space between the edge of the dining table and each of the walls of the room or other obstructions like pieces of furniture, counters or home decor.  

If you have a small space to work with, then you can opt for a space-saving dining table instead, which is known to be both handy and versatile. Space-saving dining table sets can be extended and shrunk in size, and some even come with tuckable benches or chairs that do not take up extra space.  

Select the Ideal Dining Table Shape for Your Dining Room

Ambient Living dining table

Another thing to consider is the best dining table shape for your dining room. Round dining tables are ideal for square rooms, while rectangular rooms look more welcoming with an oval-shaped dining table. Oval-shaped and round dining tables are also considered space-savers as they leave some room around them compared to square and rectangular dining tables. This makes them suitable for tight spaces or spaces that need more breathing room. They are definitely a better option for informal settings and parties as guests around the table can enjoy conversations better. 

However, this does not mean that square and rectangular dining tables are not ideal. Just choose one that is a perfect size for your dining room area, and you are all set. Square and rectangular dining tables are still the most common and preferred choice for many homes today.    

Choose the Best Dining Table Furniture That Meets Your Needs

The number of people within your household, the frequency of hosting luncheons and dinner parties, how often you use your dining room and if you are using your dining table for other purposes than dining - are just some of the things you need to look into when choosing the perfect dining table. 

If you have a large family that often has meals together or enjoys having many friends over for dinner, then a big dining table set would be ideal. However, if you are living alone in an apartment and rarely have guests over, a dining table that seats 4 people the most would be sufficient. 

Apart from that, consider how often you and your family have your meals together at home. If you eat your meals at home most days, then a durable dining table is what you should look out for. 

However, if you only have a small space to work with, you can always opt for a space-saving dining table. Its extending feature is definitely useful and space-saving dining tables are especially great if you want the convenience of converting your dining area to fit any occasion.  

Buy Quality Designer Dining Table Set Online For Your Home

One of the most vital parts of choosing the best dining table is quality. A high-quality and reliable dining table is sturdy and offers value for money not just in practicality but also withstands heavy use. 

So, be sure to check its sturdiness from the tabletop quality to the legs before you buy your dining table of choice. Today, there are many high-quality dining tables to choose from, and they come in various designs, shapes, sizes and materials, which range from wood, glass, stone and marble. 

Classic and luxury marble dining tables, for instance, are considered one of the most timeless pieces of furniture to have in your home. Not only are they durable, but marble-top dining tables also add a touch of elegance and class to a living space. Presently, marble dining tables are not just rectangular, but you can also find round marble dining tables in most furniture stores today.   

Looking for the Best Luxury Dining Table Shop Near You in Malaysia?

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Posted on: December 15, 2022
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